Home Ownership


Are you interested in a Habitat for Humanity Home?  Check to see if you meet the criteria:

  • Families must have children under age 18 living at home.
  • Their current housing is substandard and does not meet their needs.
  • Families are spending more than 30% of gross income on housing (rent and utilities)
  • They must have been residents of Canada for three years.
  • Never declared bankruptcy OR received a discharge a minimum of 3 years ago.

Ability to pay:

  • At least one adult employed full-time year round.
  • Good credit rating.
  • Meeting income to debt ratios

Willingness to partner:

  • Families agree to provide 500 hours of sweat equity in place of a cash down payment.
  • They agree to keep home and yard in good condition.
  • They agree to follow all Habitat for Humanity NWT policies.

If you think you fit our criteria, please call 867-920-4010 for more information or send an email to  family@habitatnwt.ca.